The WestPark’s master plan offers an environment designed to support the long-term growth of its tenants through shared infrastructure and essential businesses services, including onsite customs and licensing offices. The WestPark offers a designated Free Zone area for export industries as well as space for companies primarily focused on domestic and neighboring markets.


Residential & Commercial Zones

To promote ease-of-use for all tenants, WestPark set aside more than 70 acres for residential, commercial and office development.


Shared Infrastructure & Services

Dedicated infrastructure elements financed, installed, and managed by WestPark , including reliable power with a dedicated line to the Aboadze Power Park and preferential pricing, customs clearance, roadway networks, water sourcing and sanitation, waste-water treatment, solid waste management, telecommunications systems and 24-hour security.


Green Spaces

Distribution of public open spaces was informed by the site’s natural topography and existing watercourses / drainage channels. Care has been taken to integrate green spaces into the overall development plan as natural buffers between various zones and designated business and residential districts.