Ghana Made Initiative is growing in 2021

At the WestPark, we are looking forward to investing in the Ghana Made initiative we launched with Volkswagen last year. We have been encouraged by the recent interest from small and medium sized businesses visiting WestPark in January, especially in the carpentry and food & beverage sectors.

WestPark will continue to focus on  attracting companies that leverage the abundant natural resources Ghana has to offer to produce genuine quality in a sustainable manner. With the launch of the Continental Free Trade Area and Ghana’s pivotal role in shaping this growing market, the opportunities for expansion are real.

The WestPark is breaking new ground for companies to produce goods locally and do business more easily with West Africa’s growing markets and the world. The new enclave, featuring industrial, commercial and residential zones, eliminates many of the challenges – including access to reliable power, water and transport – that often confront companies in Sub-Saharan Africa, so tenants can focus on increasing production, creating jobs and growing their revenues.