Cashew and Tiger Nut Processing Factory Coming to WestPark 

Mosaic Grove, a US company farming cashew and tiger nuts for processing and export, today executed a deal to set up a processing factory at the WestPark industrial and business park in Ghana’s Western Region. 

Mosaic Grove, through its Ghanaian subsidiary, is cultivating cashews and tiger nuts in Ghana and will now move forward with the state of the art facility at WestPark to store, process and package the quality nuts for consumers in Ghana, the US and Europe. 

Raw, unprocessed cashews are Ghana’s second largest agricultural export behind cocoa with $380 million exported in 2018. Tiger nuts, on the other hand, remain a high-value niche product and are known as a high fiber, low-calorie and low-fat superfood that is growing in popularity in the US and Europe thanks to its densely-packed nutrients. 

Mosaic Grove was launched by Dr. Kaadze Wright, an anesthesiologist practicing in the greater Washington D.C. metro area. In 2018, inspired by the vast opportunities she saw in Africa and a longstanding desire to give back to her native Ghana, she launched Mosaic Grove with a 100-acre organic cashew farm. Earlier this year, Dr. Wright added Ghana’s first farming cooperative cultivating tiger nuts. Mosaic Grove has a particular focus on creating sustainable jobs for women in farming and are committed to adding value to Ghana’s rich agricultural produce. 

At the WestPark, Mosaic Grove will move beyond processing and packaging and add a range of manufactured products from plant-based milk and frozen dessert to baked goods.  “Mosaic Grove is looking forward to its partnership with WestPark and was attracted to Westpark’s business support services. This modern factory and WestPark’s competitive service offering will position us to introduce premium cashews and tiger nut products to domestic and international markets”.

Alex Canfor-Dumas, a Director at WestPark, who himself returned from the US to Ghana a decade ago, notes that “Mosaic Grove is perfectly aligned with WestPark’s strategy to attract companies that leverage the abundant natural resources Ghana has to offer to produce genuine quality in a sustainable manner. As Africa is moving ahead with the Continental Free Trade Area, Ghana can emerge as a centre of excellence and a launching pad for companies like Mosaic Grove to expand. I am particularly delighted to see more and more members of Ghana’s diaspora investing back home.”   

The WestPark is breaking new ground for companies to produce goods locally and do business more easily with West Africa’s growing markets and the world. The new enclave, featuring industrial, commercial and residential zones, eliminates many of the challenges – including access to reliable power, water and transport – that often confront companies in Sub-Saharan Africa, so tenants can focus on increasing production, creating jobs and growing their revenues.