The WestPark will offer enduring value to its tenants with competitive production costs through:
  • Vocational Training:  The WestPark is working with partners to establish a state-of-the-art vocational training center to ensure skilled workers are available as companies grow;
  • Cheaper and More Reliable Power:  Reliable, cost-effective power supply via a bulk off-take agreement from nearby gas-fired power park through VRA, Ghana’s largest power producer;
  • Additional Tax Incentives: Exporters are exempt from import duties, corporate taxes  (for 10-years) and withholding taxes on dividends; agro-processing companies pay a reduced 1% corporate tax rate for the first five years; at 12.5%, corporate taxes for all other manufacturers are half of the rates in Accra & Tema;
  • Ample Water Supply:  Abundant supply of clean water from on-site boreholes and treatment facilities, with the Pra river running adjacent to the WestPark;
  • Secure Title and IFC-Standard Environmental and Social Compliance: Acquisition of the land followed best practices to ensure maximum security of title; environmental and social impact assessments were conducted with oversights by former IFC Chief Sustainability Officer to meet high compliance standards;
  • Convenient Transport Links:  WestPark is located 25 km from the growing Takoradi port and directly on the N1 highway that runs from Abidjan to Lagos;
  • Preferential Market Access:  Duty-free access to West African markets through ECOWAS, the EU market through EPA and the U.S. market through AGOA; and
  • Strong International Networks: Tenants benefit from BlackIvy’s global network as they seek to raise growth capital and identify new markets for their products.